A downloadable game for Windows

A bachelor projekt made in 2 months about how loneliness can be expressed in games.

"Bikss is a short storytelling game about the experience of loneliness. The story is told by moving the player between a number of scenes in the character's life, each scene represented as the floor of a building that the player changes to through short cut-scenes. The game experiments with how issues of personal communication and relationships can be told through the use of interface inputs, and how classical game elements are useful for representing the win and loss of important things in life. Despite this upbeat theme, the game manages to tell the story with a tongue-in cheek attitude, and with honesty about how loneliness feels and affects people."



Bikss.zip 63 MB


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I had the chance to have a look at Bikss at indiecade Europe and I've been really moved by this experience. Thanks

Thanks for the nice comment, means a lot :)